Have you considered a career in the Wool Industry?

With a global push towards fighting climate change, now more than ever it’s an exciting time to get involved in a sector that produced one of the most sustainable and highly versatile fibres in the world.

Australia is one of the largest producers of wool across the globe, and regarded as among the worlds best. This sees us produce around 25 per cent of greasy wool sold on the world market each year, which translates to anything from $2 billion per annum worth of exports for our national economy.

Growing, processing, marketing and exporting this valuable product to the rest of the world requires a diverse range of skills and qualifications – it’s a promising industry that goes well beyond the farm gate, and provides thousands of jobs throughout Australia. No matter where your interests lie, the wool industry has a career path suited to you.

It’s no secret the wool industry has faced enduring challenges in recent years. Once upon a time it was the cornerstone fibre of home furnishings, found in everything from curtains to mattresses. That was until synthetic and other man-made fibres came about and started to dominate due to their much lower cost of production.

With the global shift towards sustainability and protecting our environment nowadays – these synthetic fibres are increasingly becoming recognised as a problem. Not only do man-made fibres emit toxic gasses, but they aren’t sustainable or regenerative like wool.

More and more consumers are realising the benefits of wool, so herein lies the exciting potential for this natural fibre to make its resurgence. There is opportunity now to challenge wool and put it into products that have never previously been looked at.

Australian wool represents an industry with a bright and promising future ahead – and certainly one to consider being a part of. Whether it’s at the farm gate in careers such as a woolgrower, livestock managers, shearers, wool handlers or livestock agent, or it’s beyond the farm gate in areas such as the various rural contracting services, finance management, marketing, sales or more – the opportunities are endless.

If you are keen to get involved in an industry that is set to continue making its mark into the future – talk to us today.