Australia’s most significant fibre industries

How about a career in one of Australia’s most significant fibre industries?

Australia is one of the world’s largest exporters of raw cotton, competing in a heavily subsidised international market.

Like wool and beef, the cotton industry is one of Australia’s most significant contributors to the agricultural sector, with exports worth around $2 billion each year.

Given its fast-paced nature, the cotton industry offers a range of engaging career opportunities – in a vast array of skilled and unskilled areas of the sector.

Like with any agricultural sector, while the farm itself is largely the heart and soul of the industry, there are so many other job opportunities to pursue that each plays a pivotal role in ensuring the sustainable production of food and fibre to feed and clothe not only Australia but the rest of the world.
Australia’s cotton industry needs communicators, investigators, entrepreneurs, and creative problem solvers. People who want to get out in the field, into the office, the lab, and the classroom. People who want to work with ideas and people who can turn these ideas into reality. People who can see the bigger picture and people who delve into the details.

Cotton is grown in the inland regions of northern New South Wales and southern Queensland, with a season that lasts roughly six months, from September/October (planting) to March/April (picking).

Australia’s growers produce some of the highest quality cotton globally using fewer natural resources than ever before. They are amongst the most efficient cotton farmers on the planet and operate with the highest environmental and social standards. There is a huge emphasis placed on continuous improvement –through R&D and innovation both behind and beyond the farm gate.

It’s an industry that leads the way in sustainable, ethical cotton production, and its people help others in cotton communities, both locally and around the world.

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