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How does Crop differ from other recruitment websites?

Crop is a specialist recruitment-based site, that specifically connects job seekers and employers together in the Agricultural sector only. This means we have very targeted searching and categorisation of roles, to help you find your next role or employee. We also regularly post News, Blogs and Career Tips to our Resources section, relevant to the Agricultural sector.

As a Job Seeker, do I have to pay to use Crop’s services?

No, as a Job Seeker, all of Crop’s services are free, including building a resume, creating a profile and applying for roles

As an Employer, do I have to pay to use Crop’s services?

To post a job on Crop, you will be required to make pre-payment for these job listings. These start at $180 AUD, and you can also purchase bundled options which make each individual job listing cheaper.

NB: For the month of March, Crop are offering a free job listing promotion, where Employers are not required to make payment for their job listings.

Am I locked in to a contract if I use Crop’s services?

No, neither job seekers or employers will have to enter a contract with Crop.

As a job seeker, if I create a resume and apply for a job – where does my information go?

Your information is only shared with the employer connected to the job listing you applied for. Your information will not be shared anywhere else on the Crop site.

As an employer, who can see my business information?

If you post a job, your business information/the job listing information will be publicly available on the site

I have a question that isn’t in these FAQ’s – who can I contact?

Please email info@croprecruitment.com.au for any questions or concerns