Why Work in Agriculture

Why work in Agriculture

Agriculture isn’t just about a farmer and their tractor. The opportunities within the Agricultural sector are vast, and are growing rapidly as we enter a post-covid world. Due to the increase in technology use, the demand for skilled workers in agriculture is rising by the day. 

The agricultural sector in Australia has an enormous range of opportunities. From food, fibre, tech to plant sciences – there’s something for everyone. The agriculture sector has changed in recent years, with many young Australians (under 35) choosing a career in this sector, as well as the number of females sitting at 32%, according to the 2016 Census data.

As our population rises, so does demand for consumables like food and drinks. This means there will always be work in agriculture.  Job security and certainty is more important than ever, that’s why a career in agriculture could be a good fit for you.  Another key factor in attributing job security to the agricultural industry is the technological advances seen in recent years. ‘Australia’s diverse agriculture, fisheries and forestry sector is an AU$69 billion industry” according to Alan Finkel from Australia’s National Science and Technology Council. There is work to be done however, in growing this number to the government’s goal of AU$100 bullion by 2023. “Innovation in our agriculture sector is critical for our economy, our food security and so much more. With a supportive policy environment, workforce and investment, we are confident that the future of agriculture in Australia will be one in which data analytics and artificial intelligence are as at-home on the farm as they are in any other high-tech industry,” said Stewart Lockie, one of the chairs of the ACOLA expert working group.