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Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before accessing or using the information and services available through Crop Recruitment’s site. By accessing or using this website, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions below.

Crop Recruitment also has a comprehensive Privacy Policy which can be referred to here.


Terms and Conditions for Job Seekers

Job listings are made free for all Job Seekers – no payment is required by Job Seekers to apply for open roles listed on Crop Recruitment, or to use Crop Recruitment’s other services.

Job listings are created and provided by third parties over whom Crop Recruitment exercises no control over. You acknowledge and understand that Crop Recruitment has no control over the content of Job listings, links to or from Job listings, or any conditions third parties might impose once a Job Seeker has submitted an application or left the Site.

You understand and agree that Crop Recruitment has no obligation to present you with any or all job listings. We cannot confirm the accuracy or completeness of any listing or other information submitted by any Employer or other user, including the identity of such Employer or other user. Crop Recruitment does not guarantee the validity of a job offer and cautions Job Seekers to verify the validity of a job offer before taking an adverse action regarding their current employment situations. Job Seekers are solely responsible for verifying the accuracy of any Employer or job offer.

By creating a public resume through the Site, you are requesting and authorizing Crop Recruitment to make available your resume to third parties, such as Employers. Saved resumes will be kept private and not published within the site or to any party, unless you are the job seeker applies for a role.

Crop Recruitment may also automatically send you recommended jobs via the email address you use to create an account or apply to a job.

Any resume or application information that you submit through the Site, including Personal Data included in a resume, application is subject to this Agreement and to Crop’s Privacy Policy. Once you provide information to an Employer, Crop Recruitment does not have control over the Employer’s use or disclosure of that information. If you want to request the Employer delete, modify, or maintain confidence over any such information, you must make such a request directly to the Employer

You are not permitted to use Crop Recruitment’s Site or its content other than for non-commercial purposes.


Terms and Conditions for Employers

You agree that you are using Crop Recruitment as a business and not for personal use.

You agree that any information published regarding your company and job description is accurate and true. Crop Recruitment takes no responsibility for your business or business information to be used by other third parties, once you have published a job listing or information regarding your business to the Site.

Creating an Employer profile on Crop Recruitment is free, but any job listings are a paid service. The cost of this service is advertised here (page coming soon – all job listings are free for the month of March 2021 as an introductory offer). Purchased job listings will be available for use for 12 months, following purchase date. Costs are subject to change at any time, however these changes will not be applicable to any existing purchases or job listings. You do not have to use all bundled listings at once, the remaining listings will be saved in your Employer portal to use.

You understand and agree that Crop Recruitment has no obligation to present you with any job applications via the Site. It is the Employers responsibility to make contact with the Job Seeker, should the Employer want to proceed with the Job Seekers job application. Crop Recruitment takes no responsibility for the accuracy and validity of the Job Seekers work experience and qualifications.

You agree that any information published regarding your company and job description is accurate and true.

Crop Recruitment hold no responsibility to ongoing relationship between Job Seeker and Employer. Once communication proceeds between job seeker and employer, this is at the responsibility of each party.



Copyright in the material and trademarks on this Site are owned by Crop Recruitment unless otherwise indicated and you agree not to infringe any intellectual property rights owned by Crop Recruitment.