Why Agriculture

8 reasons to work in agriculture

  1. Great employment rates: 96% of graduates leaving Harper Adams University are employed within six months.
  2. Labour shortage: The industry reckons it needs 60,000 new people to work in the sector by 2020.
  3. The “office” is nice: Working in agriculture involves living and working in some of the most beautiful parts of the countryside.
  4. People like it: A Farmers Weekly survey found 88% of those who work in the supply trade would recommend agriculture as a long-term career choice.
  5. Good long-term prospects: People are always going to need to eat and the global population is growing.
  6. Pay is better than you think: Average salaries in agriculture exceed the national average.
  7. You’ll live longer: The Office for National Statistics found people who live in the countryside live longer than people who are based in urban areas.
  8. You don’t need to come from a farm: There are thousands of jobs that don’t require you to come from a farming background.