How to Get Work Experience?

How can I get work experience?

Work experience is invaluable and there are some agricultural courses that will require you to have some practical farm experience before starting.

Many of the ancillary industries also like people who have completed some work on a farm as it gives them a greater appreciation of the practical challenges facing their customers.

To approach a local farmer to ask if there is a possibility of work experience, write a short letter that explains who you are, why you are interested and what help you might be able to offer.

Do some research first though as there’s no point in sending a letter to a dairy farm asking to help out with lambing.

If you get no reply from the letter, follow up with a polite phone call a couple of weeks later.

Lunchtime can be a good time to call because farmers are more likely to consider your request if they aren’t in the middle of an important job.

If you are over 16 and able to travel away from home, the National Sheep Association compiles a list of sheep farmers willing to host agriculture and vet students to help at lambing time.

Accommodation and meals are usually provided.